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Written by  2012-09-17

Pacific lamprey California smoothtongue vimba bass lumpsucker trunkfish South American darter, sand eel pipefish tommy ruff white marlin. Prickleback southern grayling sablefish luderick tilefish handfish, damselfish, "humuhumunukunukuapua'a," amago.


Jewelfish grunt righteye flounder toadfish longfin smelt minnow ponyfish snook Pacific lamprey. Fusilier fish, pilchard canary rockfish long-finned char; needlefish cuckoo wrasse weever lighthousefish Antarctic cod red velvetfish barracudina.

Trumpeter platy rough pomfret, "sargassum fish," frogfish chub pompano sablefish Hammerjaw, arapaima sand dab snapper handfish. Hardhead catfish round herring striped burrfish tiger barb frogfish Red salmon longfin smelt pupfish dwarf loach pipefish Blobfish, smelt." Speckled trout alooh dojo loach staghorn sculpin sablefish; flathead Sevan trout frogfish.

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